Extruded Nickel Silver Alloys

Extruded Nickel Silver Alloys Will Be Available From CXM In The Summer Of 2022

Meanwhile, here’s a little background.

The first use of nickel silver alloys is thought to have been in China, where they were used for making coins and other objects. In Europe, it was initially known as Paktong, a name derived from the Cantonese pronunciation of the Chinese characters meaning “white copper” or “bright copper”. The name “nickel silver” came into general use in the West after 1848 when German and Austrian jewelers began marketing it as an affordable alternative to sterling silver.

Extruded nickel silver alloys are used for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Elevator components and sills
  • Architectural components
  • For musical instruments;
  • In electrical applications, such as connectors and terminals;
  • For production of coins and ornaments. 

Nickel silver alloys are stronger than pure copper, but not as strong as steel, so they have limited uses in structural applications. However, they have superior corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity compared to many other metals, making them useful for applications where these properties are required.