CXM is fully DFARS compliant

What does DFARS stand for?

DFARS stands for Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement. As a DFARS compliant supplier, we are meeting a set of restrictions on raw materials and policies set by the government.

Basically, DFARS is designed to accomplish two things. It ensures that the U.S. military does not become dependent on foreign sources of supply. And it ensures that the computer networks are secure.

When critical materials come from offshore suppliers, even close allies, it creates problems. Production and shipping schedules are longer. Material can be tied up in shipping ports waiting for approval. And at times, it’s not clear where raw materials are sourced.

This is especially important when it comes to metal alloys.

However, that second point, cyber security, has become even more important in recent times. Nobody wants business and personal data stolen by computer hackers. It’s even more critical for defense contractors.

We have adopted over 70 fundamental security protocols. We provide effective intrusion monitoring and will properly disclose any incidents. 

CXM is proud to be a DFARS compliant supplier of some of the world’s most advanced extruded brass and bronze alloys. Learn more on our quality page.

You can find detailed information about DFARS on the ACQUISITION.GOV website.


Department of Defense Compliant