Used in a wide variety of fasteners, industrial and marine applications.

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Chemical Composition

Copper (Cu)

58.0 – 63.0%

Lead (Pb)

0.40 – 3.0%

Tin (Sn)

0.3% Max

Iron (Fe)

0.05 Max

Nickel (Ni)

0.25% Max

Aluminum (Al)

0.25% Max

Silicon (Si)

0.50 – 1.5%

Manganese (Mn)

2.0 – 3.5%

Zinc (Zn)


C67300 alloy  is frequently used in making fasteners, bearings, pins, bushings, drive shafts, gears, cams, piston heads, propeller shafts, pump parts, seal rings, spindles, and marine hardware.