(High-Silicon Bronze A)

Used in a wide variety of consumer, electrical, fasteners, industrial and marine applications.

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Chemical Composition

Copper (Cu)


Lead (Pb)

0.05% Max

Iron (Fe)

0.8% Max

Nickel (Ni)

0.6% Max

Silicon (Si)

2.8 – 3.8%

Manganese (Mn)

0.5 – 1.3%

Zinc (Zn)

1.5% Max

C65500 alloy, commonly referred to as high-silicon bronze A, is frequently used in making sculptures, pole line hardware, bolts, clamps, cotter pins, hinges, nails, nuts, rivets, screws, bushings, kettles, piston rings, pressure vessels, shafting, tanks wear plates, wire, and propeller shafts.