(Medium Leaded Brass)

Used in a wide variety of Automotive, builders hardware, consumer, electrical, fasteners, industrial, ordinance, plumbing   applications.

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C34000 Medium Leaded Brass is a type of brass that contains 0.8-1.5% lead. This addition of lead gives the alloy improved machinability, but at the expense of increased weight and decreased strength. The material is often used in applications where high speeds and smooth surfaces are required, such as in cable glands and bearings. C34000 has a tensile strength that ranges from 47-88 ksi depending on its temper and form. It has a Rockwell hardness (B scale) rating of 55-80, again depending on its temper and form.

Common fabrication processes include valve stems, butts, engravings, threaded connectors, nuts, rivets, screws, couplings, dials, gears, ordinance shells, plumbing fittings. Rated excellent for soldering and good for brazing. . Rated excellent for soldering and good for brazing.

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