Extruded Bronze

Door Threshold

What is bronze?

Bronze is a yellowish-brown metal alloy consisting primarily of copper with about 12 to 12.5% tin. Other metals such as aluminum, manganese, nickel, and zinc are often added depending on the desired properties of the final alloy. Bronze alloys can also include small amounts of arsenic, phosphorus, or silicon.

Humans have used bronze for thousands of years, and it has played a key role in human history.

Bronze is strong yet lightweight, which has made it perfect for use in weapons and armor. Stronger and lighter metal also made bronze valuable for creating effective agricultural tools.

Bronze alloy has been used for centuries to create sculptures, tools, coins, and jewelry. It is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion.

Additionally, bronze is highly ductile, meaning that it can be easily molded into different shapes. It exhibits low friction against other metals, making it ideal for use in bearings and bushings.

Another unique property of bronze is that it expands a small amount when solidifying from a liquid into a solid state. For sculpture casting, this expansion is desirable as it helps to full the mold completely.

Although bronze is a strong metal alloy, it is brittle. However, bronze is still less brittle than cast iron.

When exposed to air, bronze will oxidize, but only on its outer layer. This patina consists of copper oxide, which eventually turns into copper carbonate. The oxide layer protects the interior metal from further corrosion. By regularly polishing the surface, it is possible to prevent the oxidation process from occurring.

Can bronze be extruded?

Yes it can. Chicago Extruded Metals offers a wide variety of extruded bronze including leaded commercial bronze, aluminum bronze and silicon bronze. These extrusions can be used in everything from commercial hardware, architectural hardware and even things like door thresholds like the one pictured above. We have thousands of shapes already in our inventory and will create custom shapes upon request. CXM engineers would be happy to discuss with you the properties of one of our many standard alloys or develop a special alloy to meet your unique needs.
Everything we sell is produced right here in the USA, in our plant just outside of Chicago. We're DFARS compliant and ready to take your order.