IT’S 2024!

We’re excited to announce that this represents our 100th year
of providing top quality brass and bronze extrusions
for our customers and wish everyone a 


Chicago Extruded Metals is a fully integrated brass mill in the U.S. We produce standard and engineered brass and bronze alloys in extruded rod, bar and profiles.

CXM produces a variety of low lead brass, leaded brass, naval brass, aluminum bronze and silicon bronze alloys.  With our concurrent engineering capabilities and deep metallurgical experience, we are uniquely positioned to optimize these alloys to meet most customer requirements. In the summer of 2022 CXM will become one of the only domestic producers of nickel silver alloys. This is an extremely durable metal that is often extruded into elevator sills, the grooved floor plates that the doors slide across at each elevator entrance. 

We manufacture all of our products in Cicero, just 8 miles west of Chicago using 80% recycled materials. CXM has been in this location since 1922. Today, we’re proud to employ over 100 members of the United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service workers International Union Local 7-00717.

CXM employs a rigorous quality system and has complete in-house testing and certification.

We develop close relationships with our customers, work hard to understand your application and become part of your business.

We keep up with changing market conditions and supply sustainable, ecological, and economical CU-based extruded rod, bar, and profiles.